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  • What kind of services are offered by Buying Square?

    It is a luxury B2B direct purchase service that provides global local luxury brands as a wholesaler by sourcing genuine brands from 90 local partners in 40 countries.
    Only regular members screened and approved by the head office can order all linesheets of global luxury brands we handle after signing up for membership.

  • What brands can we order?

    Buying Square currently handles around 3,000 brands, and only the line sheets that are available for order in real-time are displayed when searching for a specific brand in the search bar.
    Only linesheets that can be ordered in real-time will be exposed if you search for the relevant brand in the search bar.
    In addition, if you click on the "Brands" menu, you can separately view the list of brands that Buying Square can source.
    You can view the brands that can be ordered in real time immediately by checking the order availability in the 'linesheet' and 'Offer' menus.

  • How to prove genuine goods?

    We provide customers with verified products by establishing partnership contracts with proven suppliers or vendors.
    We collaborate with large retail and e-commerce companies to offer these products.
    If you need a proof of authenticity document, you can inquire with your dedicated manager before submitting an order.
    After confirming the possibility, the brand's headquarters can provide an invoice upon request.

  • What are the terms of the transaction?

    The trade term are classifed into two categories: EXW and DDP.
    EXW (Ex Works) is an overseas transaction term in which the buyer pays only the product price and has the logistics cost and other duty and value-added taxes.
    After the invoice is issued, if you pay in the local currency,
    Buying Square will coordinate with the forwarder and local partners chosen by the buyer to arrange for the pickup of the goods.
    DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) is a domestic trade term where the buyer pays Buying Square an amount that includes all costs associated with importing the goods,
    including the product price, logistics costs, and customs duties/taxes.
    A tax invoice including 10% VAT will be issued, and Buying Square will conduct all processes about shipping and delivery.

  • How much is the minimum order amount?

    You can check order rule information in detail on each linesheet, including the minimum order amount (MOA).
    The minimum order amount differs for each brand and linesheet and generally starts at a minimum of USD 10,000.
    If you join the Buying Square platform and become a regular member, you can check each brand's current ongoing linesheet.

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  • We collect the following personal information for companies and individuals who want to partner with Buying Square Co., Ltd.
    1. Collected Personal Information: Contact person's name, telephone number, email address.
    2. Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information: To provide consultation and handle inquiries when signing up for and using our services.
    3. Retention and use period: Destroy after 1 year for storing from the end of the response to inquiries.
    4. Right to Refuse Consent and Disadvantages of Refusing Consent: You have the right to refuse to consent to the collection and use of personal information. However, please note that the collection and use of personal information is essential for registering inquiries and providing consultations. If you refuse to give your consent, you will not be able to register an inquiry.
    As for other matters, we comply with each company's personal information processing policy.


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